Racing Blood

Author: Agnès Ruiz

'The battle raged all day, its combatants consumed with a violent hatred, where in calmer times they might have been friends. At nightfall, an acrid smoke hung thick over the plain, choking what few survivors remained.

I could hear distressed cries around me, the last whimpers of the dying. Pain, fear and disbelief encircled me like a vice, under a moon too bright for such a deathly night, which had only just begun.'

Semaine 415: Camille Llobet's Partition, Analogues

Author: Philippe Piguet

'The town of Thonon-les-Bains will open the 2017-2018 season at Galerie de l’Etrave with a solo exhibition by Camille Llobet, in its final instalment at Théâtre Maurice Novarina before it returns to the Chapelle de la Visitation, within the fully refurbished Cultural Centre. Within this particular context the exhibition was devised to tease out the notions of moving and still images in two parallels, particularly through video and photography.'

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Letting Things Happen, Stéphane Bordarier monograph, Analogues

Authors: Erik Verhagen / Stéphane Bordarier

'I don’t like artistic lineages, as a rule. It’s too easy to fall into the trap of determinism and to infer a work’s characteristics from those which fed into or influenced it. The trap of the story of art. So my response has been to widen the frame of reference and to show my scepticism of such lineages which are too obvious to be sincere - of artistic ‘genealogy’, as you refer to it.


Semaine 08.05, Analogues

Auteur: Philippe Piguet

'The fourth and final exhibition of the 2016-2017 season, “Drawing...differently”, showing this summer at Galerie de l’Etrave, is devoted to “drawing in all its states” and was conceived with the purpose of rethinking drawing as more than simply something on paper, bringing its very nature and function into question. Clearly, what we mean by drawing has changed. “Drawing...differently” does not, however, presume to present all its possibilities, but rather to offer up to the curious observer a diverse anthology of the inventiveness of the medium, through the approaches of eight artists from different generations and with different modes of investigation and practice.'

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L'album Dupuy, Analogues

Auteurs: n + n Corsino, Eugenia Casini Ropa

'Françoise and Dominique Dupuy are headstrong when it comes to dance, as dancers, choreographers and teachers.
From their first lecture entitled Elaborating Modern Dance, delivered on 24 May 1949 at the International Dance Archives in Paris, to their most recent works, all their artistic actions and desires have tended to promote, one might say, the act of dancing, both in the cultural landscape as well as in the mind of the audience.'

Semaine 18.17 Claudine Drai - Links Between Worlds, Analogues

Auteurs: Claudine Drai, Olivier Kaeppelin, Gilles Weil

"For the 57th Venice Biennale, Claudine Drai combines contemporary art, poetry, culinary art and haute couture, in a collaboration with fashion designer Hubert Barrère, the poet and writer Olivier Kaeppelin, and the Michelin-starred chef Guy Martin, of Grand Véfour fame.
A French visual artist, Claudine Drai has always been preoccupied with the relationships between the material and the immaterial, between drawing and sculpture, between mark and translucency, between appearance and disappearance."

0m: sign as promise - Paul-Armand Gette, Analogues

Auteur: Lydie Rekow-Fond

"On the beach at Bray-Dunes in 1986, a young woman with her back to us looking out onto the sea holds a 0m. sign at head height, adding to the effect created by drawing the eye to the horizon line. The standing model - point zero - plays the game of the presumed beginning of the landscape. From afar, the artist considers that the landscape “ends, like a carpet that our gaze unfurls before our feet”." 

Semaine 17.17 Paysage(s): the uncanny landscapes of Véronique Ellena, Analogues

Auteur: Guillaume Lasserre

"Through these photographs in the highly codified genre of landscape, Véronique Ellena continues a certain history of painting. Yet these places, both familiar and unknown, prompt a strange feeling in the viewer. Is it a result of the crushing permanence of nature? Silence and indescribable spirituality."

Counteracting the Global Hegemony of the Financial System: a Strategic Review

Auteur: Alain Joxe

"To define a new foreign policy, adapted to the contemporary left’s fight against the financial sector, it is helpful to apply a Gramscian approach to the events which are shaking the socio-economic sovereignty of Europe. It’s a question of disrupting the current hegemonic superiority of the financial system over the economic and military system in order to overcome the new class relations which are pushing us back to the 19th century."