0m: sign as promise - Paul-Armand Gette

pa gette.jpg

Book translation published September 2017

If you're lucky enough to stroll into Galerie Quatre, on Rue du Quatre Septembre in Arles, you can now get your very own copy of '0m', dedicated to the artist Paul Armand Gette's recent residency at Maison Bernard, translated by yours truly. Or just click here.

'On the beach at Bray-Dunes in 1986, a young woman with her back to us looking out onto the sea holds a 0m. sign at head height, adding to the effect created by drawing the eye to the horizon line. The standing model - point zero - plays the game of the presumed beginning of the landscape. From afar, the artist considers that the landscape “ends, like a carpet that our gaze unfurls before our feet”.'

Lauren Broom