Lauren Broom
Lauren Broom
Services de traduction et de révision pour les industries culturelles.

...your independent, experienced, and perfectionist French-to-English translator

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Hi! Pleased to meet you.

I am a French-to-English translator specialized in visual art.

I started in 2007, when I passed my NAATI-certification exams.

But really, the story began long before. In 1994 I found out what a translator was, and I wanted to be one.

Since then I have lived in France and the United States, settled back home in Australia, and translated my way through art school. Now I get to translate for museums and art publishers. 

Take a look at some samples of my work, or get in touch today.


About me

- NAATI-certified for French-to-English translations, since 2007,

- English native speaker,

- I have a BA in Language Studies and an Advanced Diploma in Visual Art,

- I collaborate with audiovisual whizz-kid Cissi Tsang in Collapsing Time,

- deadlines complete me (no really).




Lethal Parallax, [short story], Author: Chawki Amari. Asymptote Journal.

La Vie Simple - Simplement la vie / Songs of Alienation, [exhibition catalogue], Authors: Dominique Séréna-Allier, Julia Marchand. La Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles.

Stéphane Bordarier : 65 tableaux, [book] interviews with Stéphane Bordarier by Erik Verhagen. Analogues.

Racing Blood, [short story] Author: Agnès Ruiz.

Album Françoise & Dominique Dupuy, [book] Authors: N+N Corsino and Eugenia Casini Ropa. Analogues.

Paul Armand Gette [Collection Maison Bernard], [book] Author: Lydie Rekow-Fond. Analogues.




'I am very happy with Lauren's work. She put a lot into this project and took the time to come up with the best title to suit the English-speaking market. Thoroughly recommended.'
- Agnès Ruiz, romancière

'I am very pleased with the quality of your translation, it's fluidity and precision, as well as your responsiveness.'
- Analogues, publisher for contemporary art

'Thank you so much for doing this translation for us - we are really extremely grateful. It is not an easy topic at the best of times and we are well aware that the language used in this transcript is particularly complex - you have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for this. We really appreciate your support.'
- Translators Without Borders client