Lauren Broom : traductrice professionnelle
Lauren Broom : traductrice professionnelle
Services de traduction et de révision pour l’industrie artistique.
"I am very happy with Lauren's work... Thoroughly recommended." - Agnès Ruiz, novelist

"I am very happy with Lauren's work...
Thoroughly recommended."

- Agnès Ruiz, novelist

Your independent, experienced, perfectionist French-to-English translator

--> NAATI-Accredited since 2007

Top-notch certified translations of all personal documents, ready for your application
for living, working or studying in Australia.

Fully confidential and always on time.

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--> Specialized in visual art

Like a tree falling in a forest, an artwork cannot be appreciated without its text.

This is why the quality of your exhibition catalogue, artist statement, or essay is paramount.

With an active involvement in contemporary art, supporting and promoting other artists, I provide translations to arts organisations and publishers across the French-speaking world.

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About me

Professional translator accredited by NAATI in Australia, with a BA (Languages) from Edith Cowan University in 2005.

While translating texts of a general nature, in 2012 I also completed an Advanced Diploma of Visual Art at Central Institute of Technology, graduating with the prize for Academic Excellence, and was included in Hatched 2013 at Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA).

I am actively involved in the arts industry, supporting fellow visual artists through coordinating the website for Sculpture at Bathers, a showcase of the best in Western Australian contemporary sculpture, since 2014, while Collapsing Time, an ongoing collaboration with the interdisciplinary artist Cissi Tsang.

Now offering language services of the highest quality to the arts industry, to facilitate audience engagement and cross-cultural exchange.



La Vie Simple - Simplement la vie / Songs of Alienation, [catalogue d'exposition], Authors: Dominique Séréna-Allier, Julia Marchand. La Fondation Vincent van Gogh Arles.

Album Françoise & Dominique Dupuy, Authors: N+N Corsino and Eugenia Casini Ropa, Analogues.

Paul Armand Gette [Collection Maison Bernard], Author: Lydie Rekow-Fond, Analogues.


'I am very happy with Lauren's work. She put a lot into this project and took the time to come up with the best title to suit the English-speaking market. Thoroughly recommended.'
- Agnès Ruiz, romancière


'I am very pleased with the quality of your translation, it's fluidity and precision, as well as your responsiveness.'
- Analogues, publisher for contemporary art


Thank you so much for doing this translation for us - we are really extremely grateful. It is not an easy topic at the best of times and we are well aware that the language used in this transcript is particularly complex - you have done a fantastic job. Thank you so much for this. We really appreciate your support.'
- Translators Without Borders client